Echo fills the wide Arab and international forums for the application of the H-Quran for blackberry devices


With the first beginning of the deployment for the application of the Quran for Blackberry since last Monday is the effect of the two broad Forums Arabic and interested international applications BlackBerry new where he received a load of more than 200 trial version of the application of most Arab countries and the United States and Canada during the early hours of the launch
Application bears the name of H-Quran and has many advantages including:
1 - The Othman font like you are browsing from the Quran Madinah
2 - With a myth size “less than 6 MB” with the full text without downloading pages from the Internet
3 - You can change the font size whenever you want by reading
4 –H- Quran contains markers known
5 - Flipping between the pages touch screen
6 - Find word and highlight it in the search result in a different color
7 - Marks can be saved and retrieved at any time
8 - Retrieve the last point of reading

It is noticeable to users of BlackBerry devices lack a similar application in the form or features within the corridors of the BlackBerry, whether the Middle East or global
It is expected that the effect of the two widely available within the next few weeks

download link